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About Duitama

Duitama Boyaca Colombian

Duitama is a municipality and city of the Colombian Department of Boyacá. It is the capital of the Tundama Province. Duitama has existed for over 500 years, and was a significant stop on the Camino Real, which connected Bogotá to Tunja.[1] The city has a population of over 133,000 inhabitants,[2] making it one of the largest cities in Boyacá Department.

Boyacá is one of the 32 departments of Colombia, located in the central region of the country. Its capital is Tunja and its largest city is Duitama. The department covers an area of 24,081 km² and has a population of 1,151,595 inhabitants (2005 estimate). Boyacá is bounded on the north by Santander Department, on the east by Arauca Department and Casanare Department, on the west by Caldas Department and Antioquia Department, and on the south by Cundinamarca Department.

The department of Boyacá is located in the center of Colombia between 4°37’47” and 5°53’11” north latitude and between 73°11’21” and 74°20’36” west longitude. Its mean altitude is 2,149 meters above sea level.